The world is full of opportunities, knowledge, but also challenges and traps. Only wisdom and experience will protect you from most of them. There is nothing you can do about certain challenges. However, modern technologies will reliably protect you from many of them. Welcome to the world of Nano4Health®. Protect yourself and your dearest. Do what you CAN do.


The environment we live in is full of microorganisms and various particles. These are viruses, bacteria, mite, mold, smog and air pollutants that cause number of allergies and diseases. These particles are invisible to human eye and typically very resistant. The only safe and dependable method is to barr them with a net made of something even smaller than they are. This, until recently unthinkable solution, is provided by nanotechnology working with particles smaller than thousandth of a humain hair. Such a dense net ensures exposure of the protected parts of the human body to the environment, provides perfect breathability so the body can breath freely, but the unfriendly particles are blocked out. Do what you CAN do.


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We produce a whole range of products based on nanotechnologies.

Basis of our product line is the facemask YourMASK.

The respiratory tract is the very entrance gate of undesirable microorganisms and particles into the human body. Breathing is controlled by muscles and we can influence, slow or hold our breath. However, spontaneous reflexes will eventually force us to breathe even in an unsuitable environment. And then the way for viruses, bacteria, allergens or dirt is free. Do what you can: protect yourself with the Nano4Health® face mask.

Efficiency of our masks was tested by world-renowned Nelson Laboratories in the USA and their measured filtration efficiency is 99.80% for bacteria filtration and 99.86% for filtration of viruses. No other barrier protection can provide such parameters.


Practical helper for everyday emergency hygiene.

Pressure, heat, cold, vibration. We feel it all by touch. Since childhood we have felt a subconscious desire to touch everything. Naturally, unwanted microparticles also adhere to the hands. Then you just need to subconsciously rub your eyes and impurities can enter the eye mucosa into our body. And despite their parents' insistence, the children simply lick their fingers. Frequent and correct hand washing is therefore important. Wherever it is not possible, in nature, in the car or at work, our disposable antibacterial handkerchief based on silver and nanosilver will serve. This kills bacteria and some viruses.


Smart solution combining the benefits of a fabric mask and the protection of nanotechnology.

Respiratory protection with a textile mask is very popular as the textile material touching the face feels more natural and pleasant in contact with the skin. However, a common textile is merely a mechanical barrier and does not provide antiviral protection comparable to a nanomass. For both home and business, we offer a smart solution that combines the benefits of both: a pocket mask into which a replacement filter is inserted. Our solution is simple, economic and ecological. The solution is also suitable for professional use in outdoor operations such as construction, transport or agriculture. Replacement filters are available under the name YourFILTER.


Nanotechnology protection in practical and convenient packaging.

The filters in YourPOCKET must be changed after 2-6 hours, depending on the environment in which the mask is used. Our replacement filters are supplied packed 25 pcs per package. As to the efficiency, in case of YourFILTER, the primary material is being tested, and that in each single lot. Thanks to that, we can source exact measurements for each and every lot. In may 2020, the average filtration efficiency of all microparticles – viruses, bacteria, mold, smog and airborn dirt was 98,68%.


Put a wall in the way of the enemy. Lightweight and portable.

Wherever face mask protection is not enough, our YourWALL shields shall help. It can be used mainly where you need to protect the eye mucosa and skin. YourWALL was designed by Czech engineers within the spirit of our "smart" solution philosophy. The shield is delivered in a handy to-be-assembled form, which allows easy transport to the customer. It is made of light but hard PET material with a thickness of 0.25 mm, the shield has a width of 24 cm and is bent into a semicircle protecting the front and both sides of the face and can be adjusted to fit every face. The shiled allows clear visibility into all angles, which is appreciated by professionals from many fields, working in complicated conditions. The shield is recommended as disposable, but when handled gently and after disinfection by common disinfection, it can be used repeatedly. You can also use our YourHAND product for its disinfection.

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Facial mask YourMASK

The mask is made of breathable nanotextile and is equipped with easy-to-attach laces, attaching it to the face.

Color: white Material: nanotextiles

Disposable towel YourHAND

Disposable sanitary napkin impregnated with antimicrobial solution to cleanse the skin and surfaces.

Color: white Contain: alcohol, chlorhexidine diglukonate, coloidal silver

Facial mask YourMASK

The mask is made of breathable nanotextile and is equipped with an easy-to-attach practical rubber band, attaching it to the face.

Color: white Material: nanotextiles


Smart solution combining the benefits of a fabric mask and the protection of nanotechnology.

Color: white / outdoor / blue Package: 2 fabric mask + 20 nanofilter YourFILTER Material: cotton (mask), nanotextiles (filter)

Protective shield YourWALL

Transparent protective shield for the whole face produced from PET material delivered in an easy-to-assemble form.

Color: transparent Material: PET, VYLEN

Nanofilter YourFILTER

Replacement nanofilters for our YourPOCKET.

Color: white Package: 25pcs Material: nanotextiles


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